European Adventures

Let me share two things I’ve learned while travelling through Eastern Europe: A) You can tell who the tourists are, because they’re the only ones wearing masks, and 2) The local men are the hottest anywhere in the world.  Being a Bostonian, I’ve always been partial to all-American college boys.  But you can keep Hank, Charlie and Steve – I’m totally into Vaclav, Zoltan, and Lazlo.  Sure, none of them can speak a lick of English, but they’ll lick just about anything for a ruble!  With the current exchange rates, I can be a human Tootsie Pop for hours!

I’m not the only one in Europe.  Gus Kenworthy has been frolicking in the Greek Isles.  He was spotted diving off the cliffs of Milos – reminiscent of Peter Gallagher in Summer Lovers (except Peter had the balls to show his balls).  Gus then segued over to Sifnos, where he was spotted with an unknown male companion.  Kenworthy captioned a photo saying, “Alexa, play ‘Summer Lovin’ from the musical Greece!”.  Oh, he’s a clever boy.


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