Republicans Honor Gays

Would you believe that a member of the Trump family is about to be honored by a gay organization?  Melania Trump will get the “Spirit of Lincoln” award from the Log Cabin Republicans.  And here I thought that award could only be given to two men who shared a twin bed!  The presentation will take place at Mar-a-Lago on November 6th – and we’re told she will be at the ceremony as the guest of honor (a term I use loosely).  Am I the only one thinking the group singled her out solely to get a discount on the venue?

Melania’s not the only unlikely person getting a gay award.  Remember Aaron Schock?  He of the hot body and numerous nude photos and videos you can find on  Last week, he was honored at a pride event in Nashville, Tennessee.  Not surprisingly, this celebration was also hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans.  If anyone epitomizes the “Spirit of Lincoln”, it’s Schock!  Who knew those conservative gays had so many parties?

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