Drama at The View

Four co-hosts go in, two come out.  Am I the only one who thinks The View is turning into Thunderdome?  The live show began last Friday with Joy, Sara, Sunny and Ana (Whoopi was already felled with sciatica).  When the second segment started, Joy Behar’s introduction of Kamala Harris was aborted by producers instructing Hostin and Navarro to leave the table “for a second…we’re going to bring you back later”.  Joy tried to continue, but was instructed to throw to commercial.  After the break, Joy revealed that both Sunny and Ana tested positive for Covid and left the studio.  While the staff scrambled, Joy and Sara took questions from the audience.  After two such segments, it was announced that Kamala – who was still in the building – would not sit with the co-hosts.  Instead, in an abundance of caution, she’d talk to them for 10 minutes from a remote studio in the same building.  This begged the question – couldn’t Sunny and Ana, who were critical of the treatment of the Haitian refugees, participate via the same setup?  Adding to the murkiness, subsequent tests on Sunny and Ana were negative.

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