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Remember when I told you that Rachel Maddow made a sweet deal with MSNBC?  Now that the details have gone public, some of her colleagues are not so happy – particularly because her $30 million contract set a record previously held by Matt Lauer (speaking of sexual assault).  Interestingly enough, the person most annoyed by Rachel’s raise is Savannah Guthrie.  She feels she’s being underutilized.  Funny, I think she’s utilized plenty.

Bad blood is nothing new in the news business.  Remember Barbara Walters and Harry Reasoner?  Or Barbara Walters and the chimp?  People usually don’t go public with their grievances until they have nothing to lose.  And that brings us to Katie Couric’s new memoir, Going There.  So rarely has one person been given so many opportunities and squandered each and every one.  Couric has bounced from outlet to outlet with alarming regularity.  Her last employer was Yahoo – and when you can’t make it on Yahoo, that’s that.  Some of Couric’s targets include Martha Stewart, Matt Lauer, Ashley Banfield, Larry King, Deborah Norville, and even Diane Sawyer.  “I loved that I was getting under Diane’s skin,” says Couric.  Oh, but it gets better: “I’m pretty sure I speak for Diane when I say neither of us ever resorted to actual fellatio to land an interview.”  Or, I daresay, a spouse!!  People who have read the manuscript are saying she’ll never work in news again.  I could have told you that BEFORE the book!

Incidentally, Natalie Morales has resigned from Today.  Why?  Allegedly, she’s “been offered an opportunity she’s passionate about and has decided to step away from NBC News.”  Maybe she’s the new face of Yahoo!

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