RIP Tommy Kirk

In the early days of this column, readers would often ask me to track down information about some of their favorite stars of yesteryear.  One of the most popular people was Tommy Kirk, star of Old Yeller and numerous Disney films.  He was also an early victim of homophobia.  “Disney was a family film studio, and I was supposed to be their young leading man.  After they found out I was involved with someone, that was the end of Disney.”  Although his career did indeed take a hit, he did manage to find sporadic work over the years – and became somewhat legendary for going public with his sexuality at a time when it meant career suicide.  Rest in peace.

Someone else who wrestled with his sexuality was Aaron Hernandez.  Although his story has been told ad nauseum, get ready for a new take…courtesy of Ryan Murphy.  Yes, the tight end will be the subject of a new limited series called American Sports Story.  Details to follow.


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