Trans Actor Sues Hamilton

One of the stories we didn’t get to on Billy Masters LIVE was about Suni Reid.  Suni is a trans actor who claims to have been discriminated against by the producers of the musical Hamilton.  Reid is a “non-binary performer” and “openly transgender” – the details of which are unknown to moi.  However, “they” is a member of the touring company’s ensemble, and has occasionally been cast in the roles of George Washington, James Madison and Aaron Burr.  Most theatres have a limited backstage area, which means most performers share dressing rooms.  And ensemble players are either in a large male or female dressing room.  Apparently Suni was assigned to a male dressing room.  Reid requested a gender-neutral dressing room – which, naturally, doesn’t exist.  The producers offered to partition off a section of the ensemble room with a curtain, which “they” did not find acceptable.  When Suni’s contract was up, it was not renewed.  Reid has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and, I would guess, is having a devil of a time finding work.

By the by, the Mr. Gay World competition has announced that anyone who identifies as male is allowed to compete.  But they better not ask for their own dressing room.

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