Get Off With Gaetz

Well, there’s no getting around it – we must tackle the biggest story of the day; the story on everyone’s lips; the story that has kept you up day and night.  Did Derek Hough give Len Goodman the coronavirus?  If he was going to infect someone, why, oh why, couldn’t it have been Tyra?  Here we are, writing this on the eve of the Dancing with the Stars finale, and the golden boy of the ballroom has been felled (yes, I said “felled” – look it up).  Since he’s in quarantine, one assumes he won’t be able to judge the finale – unless they employ some sort of remote hook-up.  Personally, I think the show works better with three judges anyway.

Many of you are upset about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict – although, why anyone is surprised is a mystery to me.  Clearly, Wisconsin law was on his side, to say nothing of the judge, who inexplicably refused to allow the dead people to be referred to as “victims”.  Perhaps the term “people the defendant shot and killed” would have been OK – although not quite as succinct.  In addition to his freedom, Kyle has something to look forward to.  Matt Gaetz is considering inviting him to become a Congressional intern.  Those interns have a long history of curious positions.  Some end up on top of the desk.  Some, like Joe Scarborough’s, end up underneath.


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