Smollett Trial Bombshells

Week one of the Jussie Smollett trial has revealed some juicy tidbits.  As expected, the Nigerian bodybuilding brothers were the most damaging witnesses.  They claim that Smollett came up with the plan – a plan they went along with to help out their “friend” (they also hoped he’d open some acting doors for them).  They claim Smollett wanted to be doused with gasoline, which they didn’t think was safe.  So they switched to bleach without his consent.  Jussie’s lawyer put their testimony in question by alleging that the brothers asked Jussie for $1 million each not to testify – an allegation the bodybuilders denied.  However, there was no getting around the fact that one of the brothers (Abimbola) accompanied Jussie to a gay bathhouse!  Abi claims he didn’t know it was gay – because there are so many straight bathhouses!  Smollett’s lawyer said, “You didn’t see the big rainbow flag?”  Olabinjo (the other brother) worked in gay bars in Boystown, and the two of them had marched in a Gay Pride parade dressed as the Trojan warrior and handed out condoms!  Their testimony was so damning, experts believe Jussie will have no choice but to testify next week.

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