Colton Haynes Tells All

Colton Haynes is writing his memoirs, which are scheduled to be released on May 31, 2022.  The title is Miss Memory Lane.  “In case ur wondering about the title…it’s something friends have called me for years.  It’s painfully accurate lol.  I’ve always been addicted to nostalgia, maybe because it lets me retreat into my memories so I can avoid living in the now,” says Colton.  He doesn’t need a publisher – he needs a good therapist!  He shares some of his more colorful exploits on Vulture.  He worked as a go-go boy when he was 14.  When his first manager dropped him as a client, he suggested Colton contact  He also worked as a phone sex operator where he indulged in “farm play”.  To find out why he was called “piglet”, check out the piece.

I think Haynes would make an ideal cast member in the next Magic Mike film.  We hear the producers are looking for some new “talent”.  Given what the last flick did for Bomer, Manganiello, Strahan and Rodriguez, it might not be a bad move.  And something tells me Colton could show Mike a thing or two.

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