Jussie Takes the Stand

The jury found Jussie Smollett guilty of five out of six charges.  Surprise, surprise.  But the dish is in the details.  During his time on the stand, Jussie threw numerous people under the bus.  He claims Empire creator Lee Daniels “fat shamed” him  – which is why Jussie hired Abel Osundairo to become his “trainer”.  Smollett says that the relationship with Abel was not romantic, but admits they got high (cocaine and pot), went to a bathhouse, made out, and “masturbated together”.  I don’t believe that’s all that happened.  If that hot Nigerian trainer was high, naked and aroused, I believe Jussie would have been on that…literally!

Smollett also claims Don Lemon kept him in the loop regarding the police investigation of the so-called “hate crime”.  If true, many believe Lemon should face the same punishment Chris Cuomo did for feeding his brother information.   Speaking of loops, we saw the “noose” which was around Jussie’s neck – correction, which he allegedly took off from around his neck, and then put back on when the police arrived.  I’m sure there are different kinds of nooses.  This appeared to be twine you’d use to fly a kite…or what a bakery would use to wrap up your cupcakes.  Smollett won’t be sentenced until next month, but the presumption is he’ll skirt jail time and face a hefty fine and community service.  He still has to deal with the civil suit – the City of Chicago wants to be reimbursed for the cost of the investigation.

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