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Elsewhere in international news, Switzerland has made a bold move.  As of January 1st, they are allowing people to legally change their gender by filing a form with the civil registry office.  No proof, examination, or medical procedure is required.  They are also allowing people to change their legal name just as easily.

Louw Breytenbach is giving up his title of Mr. Gay World after less than two months.  The 31-year-old from South Africa refused to sign a contract making the organization his exclusive modeling and acting agent (apparently Louw already has management).  There was also a clause stating that he would be fined 5,000 Euros if he stepped down.  “I am disappointed as I really thought the Mr. Gay World competition was a platform I could use to broaden my charity work.  I also thought they had the interests of the LGBTQI+ community at heart.  Sadly, I was wrong.”  He also questioned what happens to the money the organization raises.  Hmm.


Grindr has allegedly been selling user data to various advertising firms.  SHOCKING!  But this time, they are being fined over $6 million – by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority!  And that’s not the only data Grindr is sharing.  According to their statistics, the United States has the highest percentage of users looking to hook up “Right Now”.  Australians are the most receptive to NSFW photos.  If you’re looking for a top, book a flight to Argentina pronto.  Lastly, the best time to hook up is 9PM on Sunday…the day of rest.

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