Ringing in 2022

We can’t start this column without acknowledging the passing of a legend.  Betty White was the last remaining cast member of The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  In fact, she lost three MTM colleagues this year – Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner and Gavin MacLeod.  Till the end, she was slightly more Sue Ann Nivens than Rose Nylund – thwarting the advances of Ryan Reynolds and lusting after Robert Redford.  But in actuality, she eschewed romantic entanglements since the passing of her third husband, Allen Ludden.  Everyone loved Betty White…unless you count Bea Arthur.  But that’s the exception that proves the rule.  She was one helluva gal.


And now, Happy New Year!!!  I hate to be predictable, but faithful readers know I spent the eve with loved ones watching a loved one.  Yes, the Billy Masters celebrations included watching Lindsay Wagner’s first film – Two People – and her most recent release – Christmas at the Ranch (not to be confused with her 2019 endeavor, Christmas on the Range).  This new effort is one of those holiday flicks featuring a same-sex couple – and let me add that I’ve yet to see one worthy of the cast.  In Two People (co-starring Peter Fonda), Wagner was briefly topless and elsewhere wore a number of fabulous capes.  So I consider it a draw.

We took a break to check out coverage from Times Square.  It’s been noted that CNN was dominated by gays – even passive gays!  Dear Andy Cohen is always a trailblazer.  Rather than wait to catch the coronavirus over the holiday, he caught it earlier in the month (this was his second bout).  He got the all-clear to join Anderson Cooper – who might have been wise to don a hazmat suit.  All the alcohol mixed with Cohen’s medication beautifully and led to (among other things) a lengthy drunken rant against outgoing Mayor de Blasio.  Reaction from the gays on social media was mixed.  But Andy kept one promise – Anderson was well-lubricated.  And I’ll leave it at that!


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