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Yoshinori Horie is a Japanese MMA star.  When he was 21, he was having trouble paying for his martial arts training.  That’s when a friend told him that he could make easy money giving “handjobs”.  The arrangements were made, and Yoshinori got $175 for less than an hour’s work.  Horie shared this story on social media, and added the following (bear in mind this is a Google translation): “I was able to face martial arts in a short time, exceeding the amount of 2 days of part-time work that I do for 8 hours while standing.  It’s pretty painful now, but as long as I’m alive I can chance my dreams!  And I like women, not gays!  I’ve done the money to live to do martial arts.”  I only have one question – which part was “pretty painful”?  Carpal tunnel?  Asking for a friend…

Meanwhile in Singapore, a popular OnlyFans personality was arrested on multiple charges of obscenity and electronic transmission of pornography.  Police claim that Titus Low, 22, was repeatedly warned that posting on OnlyFans was considered a violation of the law.  It should be noted that the sale and distribution of adult content is illegal in Singapore – as is gay sex.  Apparently, the police were tipped off to Low’s identity in a complaint filed against him on September 4th.  Titus was warned not to access his OnlyFans account – where he made a five-figure monthly salary!  He’s currently out on bail and is allegedly cooperating with authorities.

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