Claybourne and Company

Picture it – New York City, 2007.  An attractive young man is visiting from Utah, trying to decide if he should relocate and pursue his dream of acting.  He’s snagged a cheap standing room ticket for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  When the show ends, a man and a woman come up to him and say, “You look like you were enjoying that show more than people who are sitting in the expensive seats.”  The man then gives the strapping young lad $200 and tells him he should use the money to buy a ticket to see Patti LuPone in Sweeney Todd – “It’ll change your life”.  Not only does the boy do as told (proving he can take direction), he also thinks that if a stranger is willing to do this for him, maybe he should make the move.  The Utah-ian is Claybourne Elder, who is now appearing with La LuPone in Company.  And when he shared the story on Twitter, someone knew the man with deep pockets – Mark Howell (who’s pretty hot himself).  Now, let me tell you the Billy Masters version of this story.  A hot guy is in standing room.  Another guy hands him $200.  Hot guy says, “Hmm – maybe I should move to NYC.”  It’s not a Disney ending…unless you recall that studio also released Pretty Woman.

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