70 Years of Todays

The Today Show (which is now simply called Today) celebrated 70 years of service – a milestone I hope to achieve in a few decades.  One notable absence was Matt Lauer, who hosted the program for a record 20 years and 331 days (which means he was sacked just a month short of his 21st anniversary).  I’m told that Savannah Guthrie was the one who nixed Matt being included in the celebration, feeling his presence would tarnish the show’s legacy (although he did appear briefly in a video montage).  This brings to mind a quote we ran last year from a black female tour guide at the Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton, Georgia.  “You can’t measure your progress if you erase the past.”  Food for thought.

I hope nobody expected Matt to go quietly into that good night.  Taking a page from Katie Couric, Lauer is in the midst of writing a bombshell tell-all.  Our source says the focus of the book is simple – revenge.  He wants to trash everyone who trashed him.  And, since he has nothing to lose, why not?  I can’t wait to read it.

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