Billy Looks at Colton

Planes are where I catch up on shows, so I was pleased to have Colton Underwood keeping me company.  I was an unabashed Bachelor watcher until the ouster of Chris Harrison, and relished every twist and turn of Underwood’s experiences on all three shows.  Nothing that has happened since has surprised me – including Netflix’s Coming Out Colton.  This “reality show” relishes – almost luxuriates – in staged sequences.  Given his Bachelor past, Colton understands the importance of doing retakes of “spontaneous” conversations.  But the people around him seem uncomfortable with the practice – particularly his parents and former coach.  Also, I did laugh out loud when Gus Kenworthy answered Colton’s phone call with, “What up, girl?”  We also learned that Colton’s interested in “daddies”.  Beyond that, it’s simple, mindless entertainment…but not without some merit.  There’s a particularly illuminating and touching sequence where Colton meets up with former football players who are gay – including David Kopay (who would make a terrific guest on Billy Masters LIVE when we resume shows in February).  Colton’s interaction with Michael Sam was awkward – did anyone else catch Sam formally introducing himself and shaking Colton’s hand??  Underwood expressed guilt for not standing by Sam when they were both drafted.  Ultimately, the show seems to have three agendas: 1) to explain to people that gay people are just like everyone else, B) to redeem Colton’s sordid reputation, iii) to keep Underwood in the spotlight.  Personally, I’m not sure which was their primary objective.

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