Sherri’s Back

It’s been a good week for FoB Friends of Billy.  Just before I left LA, I got word that Sherri Shepherd entered into final negotiations to formally take over the show formerly known as The Wendy Williams Show.  There are details I’m not at liberty to discuss.  The producers had hoped Wendy would be able to return to her show at some point this season – a hope which seems to have flickered out.  While Sherri was always everyone’s first choice to take over, she’s under contract to Dish Nation through the end of this season – so just getting a week off here and there to fill in has been challenging.  Also, Sherri and her son Jeffrey live in LA, and Wendy films in NYC.  There are lots of details to work out…but I believe we’ll all know more very soon.

Alas, Wendy ain’t doing well on the personal front, either.  According to reports, her former financial advisor has told Wells Fargo Bank that Williams is “not of sound mind”.  As a result, Wendy has been restricted access to any of her money or financial records.  Shades of Britney.  Her attorney has filed an emergency petition to try to turn things around, but the bank is fighting back and wants a court to decide.  I hear the word “conservatorship” has been bandied about.  Stay tuned.


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