Gay in Movies

All of these boys owe a debt of gratitude to the hunky Harry Hamlin, who made headlines playing gay 40 years ago in Making Love.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent headlines – which claim that Harry all but lost his career by playing a gay character.  That isn’t actually what he said.  The part that’s gotten all the attention is this: “For years, I’d think was that the reason why I stopped getting calls?  And finally realized that was the last time I ever did a movie for a studio…Even though I was straight, I think the perception at the time was that anybody who could play gay must be gay.”  However, he goes on to say this: “Regardless of the effect it has on my film career, I went on to have a great career – and I still do.  I’m very proud of having done that movie.  Now a gay love story can be told freely.”  It’s interesting to note that he did Making Love shortly after fathering a child with Ursula Andress.  It doesn’t get more heterosexual than that!

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