Hunks On Ice

Our Ask Billy question comes from Gary in Houston: ”Did you see that footage of the hot guy jumping into the water to save a dog?  I heard there’s a video – can you track it down?”

The incident in question took place two weeks ago at the Kal’mius River in Donetsk, Ukraine – we’re nothing if not topical.  Two dogs were walking across the icy river.  The ice cracked, and one dog fell in and got entangled in some branches.  The other dog stood on the ice howling, which attracted some people.  Out of the crowd, a hunky Ukranian do-gooder stripped to his undies, waded into the water, and saved the petrified pup.  Of course, I will share the footage on


When an icy Ukranian is getting me all hot and bothered, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  While I try to cool off, why don’t you check out – the site that isn’t opposed to doing it doggie style.  If you have a question, send it off to, and I promise to get back to you before Gus shows off his Cockney.  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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