Nude Walking Dead

Our Ask Billy question comes from Roger in San Francisco:  “What do you know about the leaked nude photos of Daniel Newman?  If anyone can track them down, it’s you.”

It’s amazing to me the amount of chatter a glorified extra on The Walking Dead can cause.  Blame it on the Internet (or, if you’re a bit older, the bossa nova).  If Daniel Newman worked as much as he Tweeted – well, people other than my fans would know who he is!  Instead, he’s logged more minutes on social media than on any actual network.  With the same handful of racy photos (usually covered by his hand), Newman has deluged his fans with promises of skin shots if they pay for his OnlyFans page – which has the same handful of shots.  He recently posted the following: “Ummmm..about that Nude photo of me that got leaked across the internet yesterday (with no one warning me) can all of you please DM it back to me so I can destroy the copies?  LOL wow… Well now I guess you know WAY more about me than even my parents omg LMAO**”.  Let me explain what he’s doing.  This is a not-so-clever way to get more followers and e-mail addresses.  There are two nudes – from the front and the back – which have questionable veracity.  The rest are just teases.  And they can all be found on


When someone other than me is teasing, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  You know where I don’t tease?  On – the site that is a sure thing.  This week, I head back to blustery Boston.  So if you’d like to warm me up, drop a note to, and I promise to get back to you before Bradley Cooper writes a book – Eat Your Way to Smoother Skin!  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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