Todrick’s Assistant

If it’s true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then Todrick Hall had a fabulous week!  The fallout from his Big Brother debacle continues.  He’s doing a delicate balance of blocking all comments on social media while also trying to sell tickets for a national tour.  Many old stories about his previous bad behavior have cropped up – non-payment of collaborators, mistreatment of employees, etc.  The most heinous story – and one I never heard before – dates back to 2017.  Tod was working with adult film star Tommy Italiano on the Zen Blonde podcast.  Apparently this Italiano guy was also Todrick’s assistant.  They had a tiff, and Todrick allegedly said the following: “If you say anything about me, I’m going to go on my YouTube channel and I’m going to say that you have HIV and that you have unprotected sex with people and you don’t tell them and I’m going to destroy your reputation.  I’m going to destroy your career, and this will be the last time you ever work again.”  Talk about #MeToo!  To his credit, Todrick never made good on that threat.  But, according to Tommy, Todrick called Italiano’s mother and revealed her son was HIV-positive.  And people think Ellen’s mean!


You read it here first – Jennifer Hudson is getting her own talker.  During one of DeGeneres’ many hiatuses (hiatai??), the powers that be at The Ellen DeGeneres Show used the downtime to film some test shows with Hudson on Ellen’s stage and with all her staff.  The results were impressive enough for Fox to pick up the show starting in the fall.

When is a punishment not a punishment?  When it backfires.  Remember when ABC suspended Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks over that Holocaust comment?  Am I the only one who noticed that she came back early?  She was gone on a Wednesday and only missed six shows (she doesn’t do Fridays).  Why?  A curious thing happened – the shows sans Whoopi saw a loss of over 300K viewers!  When she returned, it’s been reported that The View saw “the biggest week-to-week gain for the entire show’s history”.  So, what was the net effect of Whoopi’s suspension?  Proving to ABC that she’s even more valuable than they thought.  Go ahead – suspend her again.  I dare you!

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