Smollett’s a Genius

I take back everything I’ve said about Jussie Smollett – he’s a GENIUS!  When it was alleged that the Empire star had orchestrated being jumped on a deserted Chicago street in the wee hours of the morning while carrying a salad from Subway, I called him many things.  I believe the words “moron”, “idiot”, and “psychopath” were used, but I’ll need to review the transcript.  When he refused the City of Chicago’s generous offer to drop the matter if he repaid the cost of the investigation, I was baffled.  But, as all good chess players know, Jussie Smollett was thinking several steps ahead.  So when he was sentenced to 150 days in prison, it hit me.  Now he’ll have 150 days of non-stop working out, to say nothing of being banged like a human piñata.  And if you consider how much he’s saving on paying Nigerian brothers for the same thing…well, guess who’s coming out ahead?  And giving lots of it.  On the flip side (which I’m sure will not be neglected), Smollett still has to pay the City of Chicago over $130K for the investigation – plus an additional $25K for legal fees.  So maybe he’s not THAT smart.

Many celebs have expressed outrage over Smollett’s sentence.  Even Taraji P. Henson compared him to Emmett Till – a comparison which doesn’t really hold up, unless Till paid that woman to testify against him!

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