Bachelor or Butt Boy

I have not watched The Bachelor since Chris Harrison was abruptly and unjustly jettisoned from the franchise.  But people told me I had to watch the finale last week.  And I was horrified.  First, the lovely Jesse Palmer is a horrendous host – his few mannerisms were stolen from the Harrison playbook.  Secondly, every time he was cozying up to Clayton, it looked like THEY were on a date!  And thirdly, this Clayton guy is a dick.  When Sarah explained that it would be a dealbreaker if she learned he slept with any other contestants, he somehow turned it around to make HER the bad person.  Admittedly, when you compete on The Bachelor, you know said “bachelor” has slept with everyone.  When Clayton (who is, admittedly, hot) told the last two girls that he slept with both of them, they wanted to leave.  He begged them to stay, only to send them both home the next day.  Douche!  But, see, that’s a guy thing.  I vividly recall convincing a boyfriend to not break up with me…only to dump him the next day.  Because it’s always easier to be the dumper than the dumpee!  Anyway, back to The Bachelor.  My disgust grew exponentially when Sarah, the chick who walked away, ended up returning as Clayton’s girlfriend!  They deserve each other.  On the bright side, Jason Mesnick is no longer the most hated Bachelor in history!


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