Smollett’s Full Release

Then there’s Jussie Smollett – the Bachelor of Cell Block 8!  He knows he did it.  We know he did it.  Everyone knows he did it.  He didn’t take a deal when offered, and he arrogantly continues to deny guilt.  He was sentenced to 150 days, which would probably end up being 75 days for good behavior (and I’m sure he’d be very good).  Then the judge was criticized for being “overly harsh” with the sentencing.  Really?  Staging a crime?  Costing the City of Chicago over $130K?  Not repaying a debt?  And not admitting guilt?  I think he’s “getting off” easy…which probably ain’t so hard in prison!  On his first night in the pokey, he was placed on suicide watch.  Then he refused food for six days and lived on ice water, which begs the question – where is this jail where prisoners have access to an ice machine?  As to refusing food – maybe he wanted to stay fresh for his gentlemen callers.  Bowing to pressure, he was released pending appeal.  If said appeal fails – as it undoubtedly will – I hope nobody complains when he has to serve his full sentence.  In fact, I insist on it.

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