Love Is In The Air

Colton Underwood is pissed off.  He can’t get a single network interested in televising his nuptials.  I don’t know why a former Bachelor who pissed off several ladies, was accused of stalking one of them, came out in conjunction with signing a deal with Netflix, and got engaged a few months later would have problems getting anyone to take his wedding seriously.  An insider reveals how the network meetings went.  “What was interesting is that Colton attended most of those meetings without his fiancé.  This is clearly The Colton Wedding Pitch, who he is marrying seems to be just another detail.”  Fear not – Colton is appearing on CBSBeyond the Edge, a show I’m told is “unwatchable”.  That might explain why I’m not watching it.


In happier news, Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan were married in Mexico in one of those destination weddings that everyone loves so much.  In 2017, Jonathan came out.  In 2018, he started dating Amazing Race contestant and former Chippendales dancer, Vaughan.  In 2020, they were engaged.  And in 2021, Bennett proved that his penis was like clouds in his coffee – as you can see on

Jamie Lee Curtis will dress as a World of Warcraft character to officiate her trans daughter’s wedding.  She’ll be dressed as the sorceress Jaina Proudmoore.  “Everybody at the wedding is going to be in costume, and I will be in a costume to officiate the wedding.”  The only glitch is that the costume is coming from Russia.  Fingers crossed.


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