Vegas Comings and Goings

Adele is in a pickle.  Caesars Palace has made it clear that her aborted residency must debut this summer or there will be dire financial consequences.  As you’ll recall, she pulled the plug on the production literally hours before it was supposed to debut.  The major problem was that she never jived with the concept of designer Esmeralda Devlin – which is fascinating since she designed Adele’s 2016 world tour.  But, no matter – the songstress has fired her entire creative team.  In their place, she has hired Kim Gavin and Stufish – I say as if I know what a Stufish is.  I know Starfish, but I suspect that’s a different thing.  Sorry, Charlie.

Elsewhere in Vegas, Dionne Warwick has cancelled her residency at The Stirling Club.  Let’s start with the fact that nobody in Vegas has ever heard of The Stirling Club – which, as it turns out, is a small supper club precipitously perched on the fringe of the famed Vegas Strip.  If you head to the south side of Las Vegas Boulevard, it is kinda across the street from the Circus Circus RV Lot.  You know what they say – location, location, location.  After six shows, Dionne herself put the kibosh on the residency – which was supposed to run until the end of the year.  Alas, The Stirling Club was renovated to Dionne’s standards, and now it sits there with no act.  Might I suggest Carrot Top?  Or Gallagher?  If nothing else, they’d make a bundle selling slickers to the people in the front rows.


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