Take Me Out Scores

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Jesse Williams is not only making his Broadway debut, but his live stage debut in Take Me Out.  And he is spectacular.  If you read this column with any regularity – and I suspect most of my readers are regular – you know I do not use that word lightly.  He has that “star quality” that is impossible to explain, but immediately evident.  He is so natural that his acting is almost completely indiscernible.  And he is surrounded by a cast equally outstanding.  Make no mistake – Jesse is first among equals…but first nonetheless.  Despite how good Williams is, the person who holds this show together is Patrick J. Adams.  With a lesser actor, his narration would simply be the bridge between the scenes.  But he is so fully integrated, so invested, and, again, so “real” that he amplifies every scene.  Naturally, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is as wonderful as you’d expect.  He’s touching and endearing and lovely.  It was the best production of this play I’ve ever seen.

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