Cher Celebrates Pride

“I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince,
but maybe what I really needed was a Disney Princess!
Rebel Wilson discusses how she came to the realization that she might be gay. 
Sigh…they’re always the last to know.

How do you spell Pride?  Many of my readers spell it “C-H-E-R”.  Throw in a bit of Versace, and it’s a match made in gay heaven!  Cher says she was thrilled to work with her “dear friend Donatella” for “Chersace” – which, I swear to you, looks better on a T-shirt than it does in print.  The limited edition mini-collection supports Gender Spectrum, raising funds for LGBTQ youth.  “Donatella and I have been dear friends for a lifetime.  It just felt right for our very first collaboration to be one about LGBTQ Pride and celebrating a community that means so incredibly much to both of us.”  Happy Pride.

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