Funny How It Ain’t So Funny

In the midst of Billy Masters LIVE, panelist Anastasia Barzee announced that Lea Michele would replace Beanie Feldstein in Funny Girl.  Talk about breaking news!  When I asked her source, she said, “I just read it on Facebook”.  Insert eye-roll.  But, could it happen?  Everyone knows that Michele has been champing at the bit to play the role.  But there is also the question of Beanie’s understudy, Julie Benko, who is reportedly fantastic.  Will the producers create a star out of an unknown, or go with Lea?  I predict they will go with a “name” – whether that name is Lea Michele remains to be seen.  There is also a chance that Rosie O’Donnell will finally get to play Mama Brice.  But wouldn’t it be nice if they considered Lainie Kazan, who played Fanny in Barbra’s stead on Broadway?

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