Tom Brady Puts Out

In an Ask Billy question remarkably on point, Harry from Florida says, “I heard that Tom Brady sent a male fan his used underwear.  Is it true?  And how do I get some?”

First, some historical context.  Way back in 2015, Tom Brady appeared in the flick Ted 2 – a film I skipped since I never saw Ted 1.  The following year, Brady auctioned off the T-shirt and boxers he wore in the flick.  Fast forward to the present.  Tom was on Twitter promoting his Brady Brand undies, posted a photo of him in a pair of hip briefs, and said, “40k likes and I’ll recreate these photos.”  A fan named Greg responded, “Tom if this reply gets 40,000 likes will you fly me out and hand deliver me a pair of game worn underwear?”  In a word – ballsy.  Once the post hit 80K likes, Brady responded: “What’s wrong with you people?  Check your DMs and pick a color Greg.”  Yes, Tom slipped into Greg’s DMs.  No word on the flight or the hand delivery, but the photos can be found on

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