Look Who’s Grande

This leads to our Ask Billy question from Tom in Maine: “I just saw Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and loved it.  What do you know about Daryl McCormack?  He’s got it all – and you get to see all!”

The sexy 29-year-old actor hails from Ireland.  He has an Irish mother and an African-American father (from the exotic locale of Baltimore).  Daryl is the product of a California tryst.  As to Daryl himself, he’s cagey about his romantic life – only saying he is not in a relationship.  In the flick, Daryl plays a hooker Emma hires to experience her first orgasm – and experience it she does…repeatedly!  And here’s a fun fact – rather than hire an intimacy coach for their love scenes, Daryl and Emma Thompson choreographed the sex themselves.  Clearly they were comfortable around each other – comfortable enough for Daryl to show everything he’s got, which is significant.  If you’re into that sort of thing, head over to BillyMasters.com – or watch the flick on Hulu.


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