Ptown Wrap Up

I survived July 4th in Provincetown.  But a handful of people I know went home with a little someone we call the Coronavirus.  I have always been lucky when it comes to picking things up, but somehow I avoided that little critter.  While those around me had mild symptoms, we don’t know the lasting effect of this disease.  So be careful out there.  And, whatever you do, stay away from the monkeys!

I managed to see a number of shows.  The incomparable Judy Gold is at the Ptown Art House and in rare form.  Randy Roberts knocks ‘em dead at the Post Office CaféRyan Landry’s Showgirls is outrageous fun at the Crown and AnchorVarla Jean Merman defies gravity and at least three laws of physics in Ready To Blow also at the Crown.  And, at the same venue, Thirsty Burlington turns back time and is Cher perfection (circa 1975).


Perhaps you are more of a Fire Island boy.  While Joel Kim Booster (star of Fire Island) is currently coupled, he has some advice for those of you who might be a bit more gregarious.  “It was a lot more fun being the guest star in a threesome than it was logistically planning it as a couple.  It’s a logistical nightmare.  Before it was just sort of, you come in and you get the spotlight and then you leave.”  Let me add my two cents – keep an eye on your socks.  I can’t tell you how many parties I’ve come home from sockless.


Could it be that I was basking on the beach while Armie Hammer was hopping to bells in the Caymans?  A Twitter post showed the disgraced actor working as a concierge at Morritt’s Resort in Grand Cayman.  While he is, in fact, living at the resort, he is not on the payroll.  He’s friends with some of the staff, one of whom doctored up the photo which circulated as a flyer!  With friends like that…


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