Riding Miss Calvin

Our Ask Billy question comes from Frank in West Hollywood:  “I just saw Calvin Klein walking down Santa Monica Boulevard with a really hot younger guy.  My friend said they were engaged.  Who is he?”

That would be Kevin Baker, who is described as a 34-year-old model who looks like he’s the love child of Matt Bomer and Brandon Routh…and I’ll pause so you can luxuriate in that image.  The couple has been together for about seven years, but an engagement would be news to me…and to everyone else.  To date, Klein has never spoken publicly about any of his male paramours – and that includes Baker’s predecessor, Nick Gruber.  But here’s the interesting part – like Gruber, Baker is said to have a gay porn past.  It’s been alleged that Kevin was once Jacob Johnson, who did online videos for Flirt4Free.  He has also posed with his brother Joel, who is equally hot.  As they say, a photo is worth a thousand words, so you can check out a few thousand at BillyMasters.com.


When we’re bringing you a Baker’s dozen, it’s definitely time to end yet another column.  What a column – from someone accused of sleeping with his nephew, to brothers cavorting together, to folks dating people half their age!  Actually, Klein and Kevin kinda look like father and son.  And you know what they say – like father, like son.  But do they have to like each other?  For more deep thoughts, check out www.BillyMasters.com – the site that always goes deep.  If you have a question, send it off to Billy@BillyMasters.com, and I promise to get back to you before I schedule a conjugal visit with my latest pen pal.  So, until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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