Family Secrets

As you know, I believe people should do whatever they enjoy doing – within the limits of their local ordinances, of course.  But even my laissez-faire attitude was pushed to the limit when I read a recent column by Dan Savage.  A reader wanted to know if he should continue to date someone who previously had a threesome with his parents!  Note the plural – parentS.  As in both.  And this is not a situation where the person had two fathers.  These were parents of the opposite sex.  If the letter is to be believed, the discovery was made when the writer introduced his beau to his parents.  Turns out that the three of them hooked up a decade earlier, during what the boyfriend refers to as his “big bi slut phase”.  Again, I am not one to judge, but no – this would be a deal-breaker.  I’m sure the boyfriend is lovely, and perhaps I could get past him sleeping with one of my parents.  Although I suppose it would depend which one.


Joe Manganiello made a fascinating discovery about his family.  The Magic Mike II star, best known for his body of work, was having his family tree researched by Henry Louis Gates Jr. for Finding Your Roots.  That’s when we learned that Manganiello’s fifth great-grandfather was black!  I don’t know what it is about this news that titillates me, but I suddenly find myself extremely jealous of Sofia Vergara!

Then we have Republican Glenn Thompson, a member of the House of Representatives who recently voted against codifying same-sex marriage.  Three days after that vote, he not only attended the same-sex wedding of his son Kale to Phil Green, but made a speech – an audio recording of which has gone public.  Not only does Thompson say, “We’re just blessed”, but also praises his son finding a man he could spend the rest of his life with.

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