Franco as Fidel

There’s a film in the works about Alina Fernández, Fidel Castro’s illegitimate daughter.  Alina of Cuba will star Ana Villafañe.  And her famous dad will be played by James Franco – ‘cause he’s so versatile!  Needless to say, the reaction was revolutionary.  One of the people expressing outrage is John Leguizamo.  “I don’t got a prob with Franco but he ain’t Latino!”  The film’s producer, John Martinez O’Felan, shot back by revealing that Franco is actually Latin – by way of Portugal (I don’t think that helped).  Naturally, the real-life Alina is supporting the project.  She points out, with justifiable pride, that “the project is almost entirely Latino, both in front and behind the camera”.  As to the casting, she states, “James Franco has an obvious physical resemblance with Fidel Casto, besides his skills and charisma.”  Leguizamo is unmoved.  “So, no, no.  Appropriating our stories – no more of that.  I’m done with that.”  Does this means that only a Cubano should play Castro?  Could someone from another Latin background play the role?  Do actors need to submit a headshot, a resume, and a 23AndMe profile to casting agents?

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