Varla Down!

Our beloved Varla Jean Merman has been wowing crowds at The Crown & Anchor with her new show, Ready To Blow.  Last week, she was in the middle of a particularly intricate dance break during “Anything Goes” when she slipped either on water, a Tic Tac, or a pill with a dolphin on it.  Down she went with a thud.  Of course, the audience laughed – they thought it was a bit!  Meanwhile, Varla couldn’t get off the floor – because that’s a whole lotta Varla!  We hear details about big, burly bartenders, EMTs, a gurney, an ambulance and an ER.  And an emergency surgery, because she detached her whozeewhatzit and fractured her whatchamacallit.  As of this writing, Varla is resting comfortably and is already talking about returning to the show…in a wheelchair!

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