All Eyes on England

They’re dropping like flies in England – literally!  My faithful followers know that nothing makes me happier than a video of someone falling – why, seeing Beyoncé plummet down a flight of stairs face-first is almost as enjoyable as seeing Madonna nearly strangled by her cape!  But even I was concerned while watching the honor guard standing by Queen Elizabeth.  One member was noted to be swaying – which is never a good sign in a guard who isn’t even allowed to crack a smile (not that there’s much to smile about around the queen’s coffin).  Suddenly, the swaying guard collapsed.  But he didn’t just faint, he fainted face-forward and down a step!  And, he didn’t quickly pop up – he laid there until he was helped up.  We hear he was uninjured and returned to his post a few hours later.  And then he started swaying again.  Needless to say, he was removed before any other incident took place.


The newly minted King Charles III is not without scandal, goodness knows.  But did you know there have been gay rumors?  I guess that goes with the territory.  Apparently Princess Diana made mention of a servant’s claim to have caught Charles in flagrante delicto with a member of the same sex.  That servant, George Smith, claims that he once brought Chucky his breakfast in bed and found him with a male aide in what is described as an “unmistakable sexual position”.  Shortly thereafter, palace insiders branded Smith a drunk.  And?

Several of you have written in wondering what will become of Lizzie’s beloved corgis.  In her later years, Elizabeth stopped breeding the bitches, most of which descended from the first pup she had in the 1940s.  Once the last one passed away in 2018, QEII said she didn’t want any more – primarily because she couldn’t bear to leave a pet behind after her passing.  Leave it to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie (they of those very special hats) to ignore the Queen’s wishes and gift her in 2021 with two corgi pups – Muick and Sandy.  Muick was allegedly presented as a companion following the death of Prince Philip – because nothing says, “Sorry about your dead husband” like a puppy!  In actuality, Muick was selected by Sarah Ferguson, who continues to live with her besmirched ex-hubby Prince Andrew on the Windsor Estate.  We hear the dogs will live out their days with Andy and Sarah.


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