Martin Wants Money

Remember that story about Ricky Martin’s nephew suing him for sexual assault?  And then, suddenly, the entire thing disappeared and the nephew was discredited?  It suspiciously seemed like some deal was brokered – and, indeed, I wasn’t the only one to jump to that conclusion.  But I don’t think anyone expected Ricky to file a $20 million lawsuit for defamation against Dennis Sanchez Martin who, I think it’s safe to say, doesn’t have a pot to piss in (a phrase Big Mama Masters is fond of).  “The reckless, malicious and culpable actions by Defendant Sanchez were motivated by the desire to expose Plaintiff to hatred and disdain from his fanbase, to threaten his business opportunities and to destroy his reputation.”  And, speaking of malicious, Sanchez is described in the suit as “maladjusted”.  So, what is the point of this?  Obviously it isn’t money.  Stay tuned.

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