Shut Off Your Brain

There’s been a curious development in the life of Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.  “A month ago I sustained a serious head injury that put me out of commission.  Showing little improvement, my doctors ordered me to shut off my brain in hopes of it healing.”  This sounds scary, and certainly our thoughts are with him.  To assist in his recovery, hubby Tom Daley took the family to a Greek Island – presumably not the same one I just returned from.  I recalled the last time Lance graced this column, which was after a bar fight on August 17th.  He and Tom were out at Freedom in Soho with female promoter, Teddy Edwardes, when Lance suddenly threw a drink in her face.  “I didn’t have a drink to throw back so I did choose violence, but I wasn’t that violent.  He got a little tap on the back of the head,” said Teddy.  You don’t think…do you?

How would you like to be a fly on the wall in Tom Daley’s bedroom?  The diver shared what he and the hubby do every night in bed – and it’s as scintillating as you’d expect.  “When we get to bed, we always ask each other what our best and worst part of the day was.  It’s a good opportunity to share something nice, but then also share something that wasn’t.  It doesn’t necessarily have to mean I’m pissed off about him.  It could be anything, but just being able to create that conversation.”  And you wonder why Tom knits!  And this was BEFORE the head trauma!


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