Don’t Worry Harry

I also saw Don’t Worry Darling.  I enjoyed it more than most critics.  While it’s been described as a modern take on The Stepford Wives, I would more readily compare it to The Matrix.  I’m not so sure Olivia Wilde is a great director – although kudos to whomever threw in the homage to Happy Days with a twist on the infamous Malachi Crunch!  Wilde gave herself a great role and played it to the hilt.  Chris Pine was fine in his few scenes – he finally took his shirt off towards the end, so that’s something.  What of Harry Styles (who never took off his shirt)?  His character is obsessed with performing cunnilingus – a plot point never fully explained.  He’s not bad in the film.  That’s not to say he’s good.  He’s fine.  If he weren’t Harry Styles, I’d have thought a thoroughly capable actor with a good head of hair and no earlobes (it’s almost tragic) was playing the part.  No more, no less.

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