Rest in Peace, Judy

This week, we mourn the passing of the Love Goddess, Judy Tenuta.  For the past couple years, she’s been waging a battle against ovarian cancer…and lost.  I found an amusing anecdote in the archives of which bears repeating.  In 2007, someone produced a birthday party for her along with a contest – Night of 100 Judys (a scaled-down twist on Night of 1000 Stevies in NYC).  She asked me to be a judge alongside Jai Rodriguez and Bobby Trendy.  When I showed up, no Jai, no Bobby.  At the last minute, Jason Stuart was enlisted as a judge.  There were a few dozen people in attendance – two of whom were in Judy drag.  I told Judy, “I think you might win the contest!”  She addressed the crowd, “Thank you for this lovely Night of a Few Judys!”  Just as the candles on the birthday cake were lit, the club manager shut the place down due to the low attendance.  As we were unceremoniously tossed onto the street, Jason Stuart exclaimed, “This is terrible!  We were seconds away from cake.  Does anyone have a knife?  Or a long key?”  Priceless.  Pictures can be found on our website.

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