Littlefeather’s No Indian

Do you remember Sacheen Littlefeather?  She was the Native American who Marlon Brando sent to accept his 1973 Oscar – and, instead, protest how “Indians” were portrayed on the screen.  Immediately, she was accused of being hired to pose as a Native American.  Now, three weeks after her passing, it seems that might have been the case.  Littlefeather was actually Marie Louise Cruz, and she was Mexican!  And there is no documentation of her family belonging to any Native American tribes.  And where did these details come from?  Her sisters!  They claim Sacheen/Marie Louise wanted to be an actress and felt that saying she was an Apache would help her stand out.  How right she was!  Here’s the kicker – her sisters made the revelation at her funeral!  They were troubled seeing their sister “venerated as a saint.”  That would piss me off, too.

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