Bonnie or Clyde Sued

Speaking of oldsters in sex scandals, Warren Beatty is being sued for allegedly coercing sex with a minor – and I ain’t talking about fracking!  The lawsuit claims that back in 1973, Kristina Charlotte Hirsch was abused by someone who had “acted in television and several Hollywood films, including portraying Clyde in Bonnie and Clyde”.  Well, that rules out Faye Dunaway!  Kristina was 14 and the actor, who was 35, offered to help her with her homework…and with losing her virginity.  In another interview, she states, “In 1973 I was a 14-year-old virgin and brought and introduced to Warren Beatty on the set of The Parallax View for the purposes of sexual pandering by an adult.”  I don’t know what’s more disturbing – the claims of sexual pandering, or that anyone is talking about The Parallax View!  Due to her youth, Kristina claims she didn’t know there was anything wrong with this – she believed it was “something that was special”.  She adds, “Although it was a crime that Beatty was committing by raping me…having oral sex with me…and emotionally damaging me for the past 44 years.”


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