The More the Merrier

Someone else embracing the holidays is David Archuleta.  He’s in the midst of a tour across Utah called The More The Merrier – which also happens to be the title of my Grindr profile!  During one stop, he talked about his journey to self-acceptance and coming out.  After the show, his manager was informed that several people walked out of the concert during the speech.  Archie had this to say on the subject: “Two years ago I was thinking ending my life was better than admitting this openly.  If you are more offended that I say I like guys than you are that someone has felt it was better to end their life for that very same reason, I want you to think about why that makes you uncomfortable.  I wanted to have uncomfortable conversations.  That’s how you gain understanding.”  I think we have a future guest for Billy Masters LIVE.


Since we mentioned the popular hookup app, Grindr stock just went public and surged to 400% in the first few hours of the offering.  Once the dust settled, it stabilized at about a 214% increase – which ain’t nothing to sneeze at.  Pundits say that the stock might not do well in the current bear market – which is ironic because there are loads of bears on the app!  What?  Different kinds of bears?  Look, a bear’s a bear!

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