A Man, A Dog, and Jesus

Here’s a headline that grabbed me: “Florida man busted for public sex with dog, wrecking church nativity scene”.  And it happened in Clearwater – Scientology country.  The dog in question didn’t even belong to the guy – a friend asked the guy to give his goldendoodle some “exercise”!  In an additional detail we couldn’t make up if we tried, the dog is male.  So much for Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” edict!  Anyway, the guy was walking the dog down the street when he suddenly became aroused and sodomized said dog.  At that point, people started yelling – as one does when one sees a man having sex with a dog.  The man ran to escape and knocked over a nativity scene at the Northwood Presbyterian Church!  He also damaged some playground equipment, knocked over a mailbox, and attempted to steal a car.  To make matters worse, he didn’t even call the dog the next day!

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