Death of a Salesman

The last days of 2022 were harrowing for a number of Broadway shows.  Despite some final bits of resuscitation, Ain’t No Mo’ shuttered with a whimper.  In fact, one headline exclaimed that 16 Broadway shows will be closing in the next month.  The shocking truth is I am not entirely sure I could name 16.  And, after perusing the list of those closing, there are only two I’m sorry to have missed.

Last week, a woman was being “disruptive” during the first act of the Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman.  She spent much of the time rummaging in her bag and talking back to the actors onstage.  Many around her were relieved when she seemed to leave during intermission.  As with most good plays, there was a twist – she returned to her seat for the second act.  And that’s when things turned from disruptive to downright crazy.  People in her vicinity believe her shouts and exclamations were fueled by alcohol.  Eventually, the show had to be suspended, the house lights came on, and Wendell Pierce (playing Willy Loman) strode to the footlights and asked her to leave the venue.  The gal refused to leave, saying if she couldn’t see the rest of the show, nobody else would – unless she got her money back.  “Alright, here’s the deal,” said Wendell.  “If you would like your money back, I will guarantee your money back” (you can see the video on  The lady, wearing a large fur coat, stood by the stage while Pierce allegedly asked an usher to “grab some cash”.  As if on cue, that’s when police showed up.  But the dénouement was less than spectacular.  The lady left and the show went on.

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