Marc Jacobs’ Refreshed

Can we briefly go back to that old woman?  And by that, I mean Madonna.  Vanilla Ice shared some dish about their eight-month romance – and who doesn’t like three-decade-old dish?  Ironically, we mentioned Ice in our recent conversation with Paul Lekakis on Billy Masters LIVE.  Vanilla claims that Madonna proposed to him.  “I mean things were going so crazy and fast, man.  I was just like, ‘What?  I thought the guy was supposed to do it.  Wait a minute, this is too fast.’”  He adds, “I was just getting started here, and I’m way too young for this.”  It should be added that Ice was nine years younger than Madonna at the time.  Not sure what their age difference is now.

Proving that the crabapple doesn’t fall far from the old, withered, decrepit tree, Lourdes Leon was barred from Marc Jacobs’ NYC fashion show.  It’s not that she didn’t have a ticket.  It’s that Lourdes showed up late, and when they say, “Latecomers will not be seated,” they mean it.  While she begged with security at the door, people in the crowd yelled, “Don’t you know who she is?”  Many started chanting “Let her in” – to no avail.  Adding insult to injury, the whole episode was captured on video – which, of course, you can see on


This leads perfectly into a story about the talented 59-year-old designer (again, a mere tyke compared to Madge).  Jacobs recently revealed that he got a facelift, and the person who leaked the story to the press was Marc himself!  “I prefer to be as honest and upfront as I possibly can because it helps me to live a better life.  I don’t want secrets and I don’t want shame in my life, so I revealed the truth for myself.  It makes me feel better but also when other people decide to talk shit, I’m like, ‘You can’t really say anything I haven’t already said myself.’”  He added, “There’s no shame in being vain.”  He’s so vain, I bet he thinks this story’s about him.

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