Dancing Shake Up

Let’s move on to a show that’s still on the air…kinda.  I’m sure you all know that Tyra Banks has left Dancing with the Stars.  After alienating roughly half of the viewing public, I’m told she not so much left as was pushed out.  You also may have heard that Julianne Hough will be back to co-host.  But that almost wasn’t the case.  Jockeying for that slot was another Hough…Derek.  He felt he would be a perfect host for the show.  When Julianne’s name was thrown into the mix, there was some talk of her returning to the judges’ table (where she had been for three seasons prior to Derek).  I hear the brass felt that they already had Alfonso Ribeiro as co-host, so a feminine touch was needed.  I’ll let you fill in your own joke.

BTW, Mark Ballas has once again proclaimed he is done with the DWTS franchise.  After his last performance with the touring company, he said, “I’m coming to a close tonight.  This is gonna be my last dance…Thank you guys for a lifetime of memories.”


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