Nude Judge and Weatherman

I’m all for the separation of church and state.  I’m also for the separation of sex and state.  What I am not in favor of is stupidity and state.  And that leads to the story of the New York City judge who was discovered to have an OnlyFans account.  Well, the 33-year-old Gregory Locke is pretty hot.  Then I read how he described himself on the site.  “White collar professional by day…very unprofessional by night, always amateur, always raw, always slutty.”  I’m told that amongst his oeuvre, you see him nude, having sex, and (I kid you not) drinking from used condoms.  I’m not sure who used them, but I ask you – do you really want that guy judging anything more than a wet briefs contest?  An irrelevant question because he’s been fired – although it wasn’t because of the nudity or his non-hygienic actions.  It was after he Tweeted to a city councilwoman who came out against drag queens that she should “choke on a dick”!  For the record, he’s certainly got something chokeable, as you’ll see on

This brings to mind the NYC weatherman who was naked on a live webcam, gave out his address, and told people to let themselves into his home and take turns fucking him.  That fair-weathered fella was Erick Adame, and he’s starting a subscription service.  For $5 a month, every day he’ll give you “the weather” – which is not a euphemism!  Someone online asked, “Is he going to do it in a thong?”  I say give the people what they want…for $5 a month.

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