Where’s Mother?

Last week, I went to Boston’s Museum of Science, which is actually located in Cambridge.  As a kid in grammar school, we’d take field trips there every year, so I knew every inch of the museum – including the Hall of Human Life.  In the past, adorning the entrance of this display was a life-size sculpture of a nude woman crouching on her hind flanks and holding up a newborn baby – ala The Lion King.  Much of the museum has changed, so while the exhibit is still there, the nude woman was nowhere to be found.  However, in a virtually uninhabited section was a room dedicated to the museum’s past.  And there, tucked away in the back of a little alcove, behind Plexiglas, was the nude woman!  A friend of mine insists that it is the detail to her nippular area that’s caused her to be cloistered.  I’d be happy to purchase some tassels or a bikini top if it would help get that poor woman out of the closet.

This story has an eerie connection to one recently in the news.  I’m sure you all heard about the principal in Tallahassee, Florida who was fired after showing a photo of Michelangelo’s David to a class studying Renaissance art.  If it was shown in a Sex Ed class, it would surely be to illustrate the difference between a grower and a shower.  I hadn’t realized how much Davey and I had in common, but that is neither hither nor yon.  Or is that yawn?

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